Evony- Choosing gear for a general
Evony- Ultimate War season Vs Regular BOC war Season
Evony- Edward Teach is a must have general
Evony- C2 All-stars controversy, Pulling a BOB!
Evony choosing sub city generals
Evony - June 2nd / up to 30% off aptoide purchases available now!
Evony's all-star gift to players is chance to spend more ;)
EVONY- C2, VIP 20, All dragons, 220m tech, is available!
Evony- 65000% value in whose mind?
EVONY- Did lag affect the fairness of all-star matchups?
Evony- People quitting in high frequency
Evony- 100m Rally capacity? Major update coming?
Evony- Why do we spend? All-star lagfest again
Evony- How Aptoides discount tiers work (up to 30% today)
Evony's new event is disappointing 1.5./5 *
Evony- Heal speeds for All-Stars and W3
Evony- post svs throne glitch and video of troop training glitch
Evony- All stars are announced- what to expect
Gk Realty- C3, 6B, 4 dragons, VIP 18, 70m tech is available
Evony's Sir Phillips to JR. All-stars?
Evony revenue did not drop yesterday, new ascension fragments
Evony wipes alts AGAIN
Evony revenue did not drop yesterday, new ascencion fragments
Evony- Amplifying gear priority
Evony's dragon wheel that has no dragons
Evony today only!! promo code GENGHIS-35% discounts
Evony- Cheat code to adjust march buff presets
Evony- How to join PVP rallies
Evony- new wheel, free gear?
Evony refusing to perma bubble deceased player and new event for new servers
Evony- BOG 100 is too difficult
Evony announces new pricing for in game purchases
Evony- SVS glitch continues? and evonys newest massive coiner server(1390)
Evony- claiming free civ treasures
Evony- t16s? New temples?
Evony- free epic general tokens and gems
Evony- Don't open special item chests!
Evony- Monarch Gear
Why has EVONY removed battlefield points
Evony- C4, VIP 21.9, 13 full cake keeps, 200m tech, 9 dragons, is available
Evony- major svs glitch, invisible players
Evony- blazons for low coiners
Evony- a look at upgraded Civ gear and a nameplate
Evony’s greediest move ever!! (ascended civilization gear)😤
Evony will be ascending civilization gear
Evony- fixes Iphone map and a new world boss to steal your buffs / gems
Evony- releases an ANDROID update and General cultivating guide
Evony- Don't forget to claim all these rewards for KONG EVENT
Evony announces 48 server merges!!! and live aptoide purchase
Evony- 1 week boc for wonder 3!
Evony- iPhone now rotates to landscape in all modes
Evony- How to get up to 25% discounts with APTOIDE
Evony- special event for new servers / New Redeem code
Evony- New redeem code and special wonder 3 week
Evony- kong world boss
Evony- kong event is op. Rss+++
Evony confiscates inventory for their own glitch
Evony- massive glitch and removal of crazy eggs!!
Evony astrolube returns and worse than ever
Evony- c3, 2 all star dragons. 100m tech, vip 18 is available
Evony suspends some bot accounts
Evony- alliance science for beginners
Evony- cultural sub prices return to earth
Evony gives Civ gear to new servers!
Evony- boc cancelled for 2 weeks, and chalons prediction competition
Evony- stop at treasure scroll 4? And evony wipes some players again!!
Evony- iPhone can rotate to landscape!!
Evony- vip 19,c4 11b #1 on server, w3, 3AS dragons available
Evony’s low % raffle package
Evony- “singhing” the blues
Evony - elite svs tactics
Evonyy's best 15$ purchase and new event.
Evony- Is General HOJO Pink gem worthy?
Evony- Were pink gems worth it?
Evony - clean account, c4 5b, 5dragons koryo set. Available
Evony removes 20-60b power from numerous all star accounts (pink gem scandal)
Evony's historic subs going for only 12k USD today!
Evony- selecting buffs can make or break your battlefield
Evony- C4, VIP 18, many full sets Civ gear is available
Evony adjusts Chalons schedule
Evony makes up a fake price, pretends to discount the pack
Evony- C5 free account giveaway!
Evony- Otto the Great versus Askia, Duty officer comparison
Evony- 22B, 145m tech, 8 dragons, C3, elite server is available.
Evony’s maya event is sooo bad
Evony motivating Whales with Civ treasure 8!
Evony- C2, VIP 18, 15B power, W3, Laden, is available
Evony chalon thoughts and presets for beginners
Has Evony lost all credibility?
Evony- 3 Keeps available in Genghis's alliance, C2
Is this Evony’s best or worst glitch ever???
Evony gives w3 to continents, still screws it up!
Evony- 3b rss for your family members
Evony optimizes the wheel because they hate you
Evony- Elena replies to W3 and glitches
Evony sneakily removes ULTIMATE WAR from BOC
Evony- 3month old C5, 2B, K38, 10m SVS points is available
Evony- Duty ascension not working?
Evony- duty officers (beginner series)
Evony / LAGVONY- worst battlefield / typical for Evony
Evony gives a new game to some servers and Update
Starting Evony? Things I wish I knew early on (beginners advice)
EVONY- C5- K39, perfect Start over account Available
More wonder 3 confusion from EVONY
Evony- Subordinate city (Beginners guide)
Did Evony release new continents?
Evony- C4- 9.5B, VIP 18, All star keep available
Evony- Increasing your family member efficiency
Evony is changing the W3 rules- Contact CS now!
Evony - finding stamina (beginners guide)
Evony- PVP Layering, Beginners guide
Evony- Developer call recap (Feb 21,2023)
Evony- 43.1 billion, every dragon, every all-star, 2500+ buffs is available!
Evony- Monarch Talent - Beginner Guides
Evony- exchangeable general fragments on select servers!
Evony- Godzilla event and free keep glitch!
Evony- C4, Vip 17,19-both with all-star dragons for sale / same server
Evony- Get your Flaveus now!
Evony's new 99$ buff pack for new servers
Evony- Beginner tip series, Part 1
Evony- BOC vs S73 (BAT) - major alliance improvements!
Evony- A full comparison of how PANS compare to Ymirs
Are certain Evony players given $1800 Civ gear upgrades?
Evony increases the PAN spawn rate and rewards- Is it worth it?
Evony deleted a players troops- asking for advice
Evony- Use a Tavern general as the main general
Evony provides another chance at ASHOKA
Evony updates puzzles for new servers instead of fixing lag
Evony- always enter the battlefield together
Evony- new event with NOTHING new??
Evony demands $20,000+ from customers in gem swipe
Evony low key cutting ymirs even more!!!
EVONY- top 15 all-stars don't receive top 15 rewards?
Evony- General Flaveus is finally available in mementos
Evony - is kill event worth it?
Proof of EVONY giving all-star keeps to non finalists
Evony- pans gave me 10% the rss of ymirs
Evony rewarding free all star castles
Get large discounts off Evony purchases with AMAZON AppStore
Evony- pans vs ymirs
The worst thing you can do in EVONY
Evony svs fight for top 5 at the end
Evony tip of the day - skip Helen’s 5minute timer
Evony- analyzing boc reports
Evony phasing out ymirs😤
Evony-scanning for ymir tactics and spawning theories
How much has each Evony server spent??? Credit to troy
Evony- what is a fair price for stamina???
Evonys $12,000 duty officer!
Evony all star rewards and opening a dragon egg
Evony C1- Finals All Stars- LION TEAM
Evony-5day event and Singhs unknown talent
Evony- new monarch gear and don’t panic if you pack-load
Evony - 18b,9dragons,170m tech,top16 chalons. Available
Evony suspends pack loaded accounts
Evony is reimbursing all star players and tyches wheel 2.0 has returned!!!
Evony updates buffs during all stars!!
Evony- coining strategies top players use
Evony lag stars recap
Evony - new buffs from beta
Evony sub troop glitch
Evony announced all stars
Evony 1st time all star tips
Evony- reverse point trading / 808 refuses to play RSP
Playing against EVONYs city ultimate and an elite battlefield mechanics channel
Evony is out of ideas, kong island returns
Evony adds 8 presets! And removes ymirs from some lucky servers
Evony- c4, 8 dragons 11b, chalon 16 account available
Evony plays favourites again- different generals for servers
Evony- maxing out pvp in military academy
Evony updates Royal thieves instead of fixing game lag
Evony- squeakig out extra points in bf and some svs action
Evony - server teleports (developer suggestion series)
Evony- is Boudica the best wall General as of today?
Evony updates wheel of fortune(spin 100) and svs vs a 6 year old server
Evony- my server rules
Evony ascends spirit beasts with minimal performance increase
Evony-sub troops are now reviving after battlefield
Evony- special avatar packs and first look at Elisabeth champion
Evony needs daily packs and a new must have $200 champion “sisi”
Evony’s best k39 available,c4, 2100/17/17 ground stats,vip21,all-star
Evony- all star ranking error and Free troops in puzzles🤔🤣
EVONY makes civ fragments available but makes refining even worse and more cosmetic UPDATES
How much do EVONY whales spend?
Evony- svs throne defense 430 vs 325
Evony now has real time boc rankings!
Evony- utilizing a backup wall gen for t1s
Evony- t1 traps are the new coin strike!
Evony finally releases all star rewards- yet another new dragon 🙄
Evony- top 6 chalons, all star keep, c1 available.
Evonys anniversary event leaves no one happy
Evony- 2 keeps c2, top five chalons + many alts available
Evony- How to fix the sub troop glitch
Evony- new dragon buffs, designer brand rally spot officer, all star sneak peak
Evony- $450usd dragon available in new event!!!
Evony- 28b, 6 historic subs. 170m tech available
Evony - buff sneak peak , alliance event, new ground meta
Evony- top 10 account in a great c2 alliance is available
Evony - mass server mergers, civil wars and new crafting event
Evony- is all stars expanding? 1200 players?
Evony - vip24/21 combo, two great accounts on the same server available!
Evony- was it a monster solo or a rally? How to tell…
Evony- c4, vip 21, 170m tech available!
Evony- New dragon!!! And truces return to alliance shop
Evony new pack new redeem code
Join Evonys NEFARIOUS alliance- k40,18b power- bog100, w3 + alts
Amazing Evony account for sale: 4b ground solo / 22b power, c2 chalon finalists x2, top 35 all star
Evonys worst trick yet and 3 new gift codes!
Evony will offer full Civ gear sets for free? and lame turkey event
Evony- chalons betting is live but unknown payout / odds??
Evony- redeem your free gift now!
Evony boc highlights vs NMR s159
Evony- top account on c3 server / victory column 5 available!
Evony- introduces gambling and all star voting and confirms tyches wheel now sucks
Evony- chance to join APE alliance-c1 chalon champs
Evony- sub city fragment event live on most servers
Evony- is alliance shop monetization the final straw? P2w/f2p both furious!
Evony monetizes alliance shop! Top 10 svs wings and many more glitches!
Evony- is this the last tyches wheel ever???
Evony- My 9100 point Mayan strategy after playing for 8+ hours today
Evony with more generals more stuff we don’t want
Evony superstars are struggling in chalons!
Evony seeking free labour after coin strike
Evony- An Interview with Youtuber NIYA_GAMING
Evony- preparing for all stars. Account update
Evony- Singhs svs experience vs genghis’s
Evony- defeating a t1 trap.
Evony- blood of ares priority
Evony- get billions of rss from alts in speed up event
Evony- chalons elite league and developer answers
Evony- dev call thoughts and Singh tonight
Evony- Developer Call tonight1
Evony alliance mergers, why? why not?
Evony boc ApN vs GOW 212
Evony- Chalon's finalist has 2 keeps available!!
Evony- upcoming Mayan event and Stamina box 1!
Evony removes ymirs and nerfs some monsters
Evony bog - ApN vs venom - 314
Evony- Post Battlefield Report analysis
Evony- Alliance Competition strategies
Evony's greatest glitch ever- free T 15's
Evony- SVS Siege attack analysis
Evony- SPHYNX GLITCH and 160m Gem mistake!!
Evony's new Alliance Competition and other updates
Evony- Karma strikes Chalons cheater and Diwali event update
Evony's most famous player is selling, 176m tech, 16.5b power
Evony- How is the coin strike going?
Evony adds more CIV GEAR and auto spawn your vikings!
Evony is changing the SUB City event
Evony- A chance to play with SINGH- GK real estate
Evony lowers rewards as coin strike begins!
Evony- Genghis hacked!, no event update
Evony- Coinstrike Oct. 7! And worst packs ever?
Evony- Limited Fragment event? Developer suggestions Ep. 2
Evony SVS- We came, we saw, we did not conquor
Evony- Making rules for a server
BOC PHX vs S12 (TAO)
Evony- Monster March speed vs March speed
Evony Developers say thanks but NAHHHH
Evony- upgrading blazons with spreadsheets
Evony- Trial of Knights winning Strategy
Evony- which Civ gear to choose and chalons is coming!!
Is Evony becoming more Transparent? and some quality of life improvements
Battlefield- PHX vs RSR(204)
Evony- Can you transfer Blazens as Gifts / Blazen guide!
Has EVONY released yet another event for Japanese only?
Evony- helping a friend set up a new account
Evony Coining Strike name changes and October 6th?
Evony sent me a survey on the future of the game!
Evony - a tale of evony by Savvvo Games
Evony- 220m Tech, All dragons, 2000%+ every attack AVAILABLE
Boc- PHX vs S57 RPD
Evony- 150 Free blood of ares today and Sub slot auction day!!!
Evony- Developer Suggetions (Wonder 3) Ep. 1
BOG- PHX vs S183(BGK)
Evony- C4, 2 All-Star Dragons, AS Keep, W3, K39,8 Billion Available
Evony- Maximizing troop load for looting.
Evony wants you to make mistakes and more FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!
Evony- VIP 20, NEF Alliance, Top 10 BOC / BOG, Top 15 All-Star Account available
Evony- Dragon Event a kick in the teeth to big coiners?
FREEDOM QUITS and EVONY Dev call is actually a focus group
Evony- More USELESS ascended generals, and more stuff we don't want.
Battlefield Rally training Episode 1
Interview with EVONY's Coining Strike President “highway”
Evony- Developer call starring "SINGH"
Evony- don’t be like lynch
Evony- TOP 5 C1 for sale, 3 historic subs, 150m+ Tech, top c1 account
Evony- SVS debuffs different than Battlefield?
Evony- NEW Alliance Bookmarks!!! and App Gallery discounts cancelled?
Evony- CIV Gear IS NOT OVER 🤦‍♂️
Evony- is Civ gear finally over?
Evony gives new servers new alliance skills / science
Evony- C4, VIP17, Excellent account to reboot with
Evony-No sound, but watch me get zeroed;)
Evony charges you more than Vietnamese rss sellers
Evony crashes - evony says spend more!
Evony- Reports from All-Stars
Evony- Leaving NEF, new continent, all-stars
Evony- How to prioritize Academy vs Military Academy
Evony- Military Academy growth strategy
Evony- Account update with generals and growth advice
Evony- How to decide on PVP / Wall General pairings
Evony- Ascending the BIG MONEY Sub Gens
Evony- Ascend these tavern duty officers first
Evony- New Servers now have Moerae's Machine
Evony's The BEST Ascendable Tavern Sub Generals
Evony- Art treasure scrolls now in bosses and NEW BOSSES for New servers!!
Evony nerfs the witch pies and Surena refund update
Evony- Latest update makes game unplayable and Make sure to claim massive speedups
Evony- New dragon levels , treasure / general hall update and more things we don’t want
Evony- mounted gear for monsters
Evony- k35, t14 troops, wonder 2, continent 4- available
Evony- advice to new players on coining
Evony- mounted pvp Civ and free gear options
Evony even manages to screw up the friend list update🙈
EVONY- 41/42 CIV Gear!!! VIP 18, C3, 63M Tech, K38 AVAILABLE
Tickle me Helen
Evony rips off beauty event, tests for 1 day and releases it
Evony- Upcoming Events and Art Treasure Buff UPGRADES
Evony- The Best Civ gear and F2P Siege Gear set ups
Evony- SVS glitch- a customer service story
Evony- Still no Surena Refund and account update
Evony- Are Elektra fragments too difficult and relics updated
Evony- Android users receive a Keep upgrade and SVS rewards upgraded
Evony- NEW civ Gear makes original Civ gear outdated ALREADY
Evony offering refunds on Surena and BK siege report analysis
Evony- UPDATE on debuff skill books and bktheterrible hits genghis 🤕
Evony- wonder 3 is now top 200
Evony- DEBUFF Skill Books & Gold producing subs
Evony-The BEST ground gear combinations
How EVONY separates you from your money Part 4 /4
Evony- Wall gear general combination
Evony- The Best Archer general Gear setups
Evony secretly nerfed civilization treasures
Evony makes gathering bots OP!
Evony is giving away everything EXCEPT the important stuff
Evony will lose money this event and coining strike update!
How EVONY separates you from your money Part 3 / 4
Evony gives competitive advantages to certain regions AGAIN!
EVONY- #1 account on a C3 server, VIP 18, All-Star Finalist, 67m Tech AVAILABLE
Evony is punishing former coiners!
How EVONY separates you from your money Part 2/4
How EVONY separates you from your money Part 1/4
Evony- Assistant Generals to Kill High level Bosses
Evony- Now Available on PC????
Evony- Assistant Wall Gens
Evony hates North Americans (Surena nerfed / sailor moon)
Evony- Ast Generals to join Monsters is OP!!!
Evony- Ast. Generals have made gathering great again
NEF (68) vs APE (201), BOC
Evony- PVP Ast. Generals & How Evony secretly stole from players
Evony OVERWHELMs its customer base AGAIN
Evony- WTF is up with the scary new DELETE button
Evony- Nefarious alliance- Chalons live round 2, C1
Evony helps out its p4p players this event
Evony- optimizing your prestige
Evony- My Account update, + bonus SVS
Evony- nef vs cum (super alliance) / boc
Evony- the fix is in, cleopatras event is nerfed
Evony fake ad #3
Evony- Will evony screw us on the next two cakes?
Evony- is evony fighting the bots? And general tab update
Evony- did evony accidentally give low coiners an advantage in ascending generals?
Evony- svs epic war and top 10 will get wonder 1 wings
Evony- Civ gear 2 be Increased and App Gallery Discounts
Evony Sneakily ascends Baldwin to top subordinate city general and others
Bonus resource advice from commenters
Evony releases their biggest con job event ever
Evony gives us the wrong item and new siege gear
Evony has noticed a drop in spending
Evony-The biggest ripoff in all of evony (random super general mementos)
Evony- open wide for the astrolube wheel
Evony- Significantly reducing my coining
Evony- NEF (68) vs HMB (29)- BOC
Evony- Just how bad is the K40 pack Evony tries to sell you?
Evony- How to build efficiently (sort of)
Evony- new flame Cerberus boss and warning from evony
Evony- Did Evony copy the New monthly buffs from other games?
Evony- How to get Broaches in Revelry Carnival
Evony- Open your Server War Chests now!
Evony- C4, 2B, VIP 17, 8 Gold Japans available
Evony- We faced a super alliance (CUM) in Battlefield
Evony- UPDATE, 10* Generals, more Evony Greed!!!
Evony- 5.5b All Star Keep quits, blood bath ensues
Evony, VIP 20.999, C2, MAX MA3 Tech, 25+ Civ Gear- Account Available
Evony- disassemble your Civ Treasures on Alts.
Evony- Rostock Historic City is available, + Chalons Continents are released
Evony- A glitch is closed and Evony mocks us
Evony- Battle of Chalons Season 4 is coming!
Evony- New "HELL" Viking Levels and Consul Staff
Evony- Lysander General Review
Evony- The era of Super Alliances is beginning
Evony- Different servers have different Cakes, Wheel returns, New monarch Gear
Evony-NEF(68) vs SSD(46), Battle of Guagamela
Evony- New Spirit beast + NEW skill books
Evony- server merges are coming!
Evony, App Gallery May 17-June 17, 25% off
Evony mock advertisement 2
Evony- NEF (68) Vs SSD(46), Battle of Constinople
Evony- Sh!++ing your pants with STYLES (19.6B +19.6m reins, BUBBLES)
Evony-VIP 18, ,C2-8 Gold Japans, 7 Dragon account is Available
Evony- mock advertisement 1
Evony- Teleporting with STYLES, BOG- Nef(68/136) Vs KIS (63)
Evony-Hydras are the most efficient way to grow your Monarch other than $$$
Evony- Are T15 Troops are too difficult to obtain?
Evony- This event is TRASH
Evony- VIP 18, C4, Number 1 power on the server is AVAILABLE
Evony- How do the new production refines work?
Evony- VIP 17, All-Star, Continent 2, K37 needs a new Owner
Evony- BOG RSP (SINGH) vs NEF (Genghis)
Evony- Where to obtain Source's of Life
Evony- NEW Production Refines for wall Generals
Evony- all about dwarfs lucky apples
Evony- Unlocking Wonder 1 will be top ten+ Bonus Arm Wrestling footage
Evony- a look at the next wheel
Evony,- 30% discounts return to App Gallery
Evony- BOG- The YOUTUBE Bowl / Genghis(NEF) vs The Miser (GOM)
Evony- New Event - Cleopatra's Treasure
Evony- The King's Return to the APP STORE! and NEW Monarch Gear
Evony- How Iphone Users can Protect their Account
Evony Has been removed from the APP STORE
Evony- The NEW Most important Gear in Evony (Koryo Bracers)
Evony - The All-Star Finals Preview that few care about
Evony- 2 Weeks into S 1043
Evony- C 1 & 2 All Star, Semi-Final Preview
Evony - C3 & 4 All-Star Semi Final Preview
Evony- c2,3,4 All-Star Preview and Predictions
Evony- C1 All-Stars Preview and Predictions
Evony- What NEW event is coming next?
Evony- How to find the best Value in the Auction
Evony- Auction House UPDATE
Evony- BOG / NEF vs D3D- Defense is making a comeback
Evony- Perfecting an account for Gathering and Joining Rallies
Evony- Developer Call Response
Evony- Strategize to win Civilization Gear on Tyches Wheel
Evony- What does it take to solo a b16
Evony- vip 18 that will play in All-Stars this season needs a new owner
Evony- lucky tickets have changed once again
Evony- Double coupons are back and an Account update
Evony- A visit to S1043 to see if they got double coupons today
Evony- Continent 4- VIP 16, 690M Power Needs a new owner
Evony- Designer Brand Duty Generals
Evony- Starting a new account on S1043
Evony- 23B SVS Siege Rally
Evony- Continent 2- VIP 18 account with 1B Alt-Needs a New Owner
Evony- increasing your odds to win historic cities
Evony- World Champions IFT vs NEF, Battle of Guagamala (March 30th, 2022)
Evony- developer call review (March 28,2022)
Evony- How to choose an Alliance
Evony- How to win the Violet Keep
Evony- Civilization Gear- Whole number refines are flawed
Evony- ELITE General Fragments now available in the Market (for new servers)
Evony- How to sell an account with the Miser and Genghis
Evony- new gear, generals, keeps, and upcoming Developer Chat
Evony, General Review - Bertrand using LIENA.BE website
Evony- The new Dragons Skill shows Ground, or is it temporary??
Evony- All-Star preview, New Castle, Dragon, and bonus 30 day Castle PREVIEW
Evony- The Day after Chalons- Comments, Mean Emails, Hurt Feelings, apologies, thoughts,
Evony- FSY(S110) alliance RUINs BATTLE OF CHALONS by gifting points
Evony- New GEAR and a New Dragon???
Evony Chalons Finals Preview and Semi-final recap
Evony- How to watch Chalons Semi Finals tonight.
Evony- How to earn W3 (BOC RULES)
Evony- how far does 6800 tactic scrolls get you in the military academy?
Evony. Don't forget this with Tyche's Wheel!
Evony- The NEW Tyche's wheel of fortune!
Evony- how to choose your culture
Evony- How to skip the tutorial when starting a new game
Evony- Use Bluestacks to protect your account forever!
Evony- are there any good purple generals?
Evony-Ymir glitch allows you to see who is on your server in SVS
Evony, 30% OFF your Weekend Evony purchase with AppGallery!
Evony. Optimizing an account for RSS production
Evony- Preparing for Chalons
Evony-vs 4b -Account update
Evony- Silk Road rewards have been released
Evony- go over the alliance membership cap and bonus footage with sir Phillip
Evony - Live Q n A
Evony- Huns Invasion Preview and Free Plantagenet gear!
Evony - claim your first purchase rewards
Evony- tactic scrolls event, quality of life update
Evony- Boost your Growth with this website (LIENA.BE)
Evony. Subscriber Suggetion for Dawns Civlization (Troop Soul)
Evony. How to send more than 10 Waybills at once!
Evony- The top Archer Generals, spreadsheet
Evony.- How to save Monarch Gear Presets
Evony- Quality of life UPDATE
Evony- Battle of Chalons S3 preview
Evony- Lucky Tickets have been NERFED (100 stamina removed)
Evony- How to get massive DISCOUNTS from the AppGallery (15-50%!!!)
Evony- The top Mounted Generals for PVP
Evony- Mounted Monster Generals
Evony- leveling generals
Evony- All about Subordinate City Generals
Evony- Hydra rewards have Doubled!!
Evony- all about pansy eggs
Evony- The top 6 Wall Generals with Statistics
Evony- The top Siege generals in the game
Evony- Completing the Gathering event and Destructive Attack
Evony- The top 5 ground generals available (Updated)
Evony- How to complete Dawn of Civilization Event
Evony- Unlocking Civilization Treasure and Dragon Talent Priorities
Evony- Why you must buy these useless civilization pants...
Evony- YMIRs are back and they drop tactic scrolls! New Epic Generals in the Tavern!
Evony- Nians PREVIEW and capturing a sub during historic city event
Evony- 30+ FREE Civilization Treasures Daily!
Evony S68, WARZILLA drops bubble, nothing happens (Sub City Event)
Evony- SVS Wrap-up with REPORT ANALYSIS
Evony- Everything you need to know about skill books!
Evony- How to switch to an alternate account
Evony- Battle of Chalons Updated Prizes + Live Blooper!!!
Evony- We got Destroyed against the c3 all star champion
Evony- NEW!! Historic City ALEXANDRIA coming to all servers!!
Evony- How to win the monster kill event.
Evony- Unlocking the Triumphal Arch
Evony- MASSIVE!!!! 50% discounts for the event via APP Gallery
Evony - Player and fellow Youtuber Interview "Shinigami" S371
Evony- updated evony sales packs and vip 18 s438 account for sale
Evony- New territory expansion event
Evony- update for speed ups and possible upcoming releases
Evony - S68, The cold war is upon us...IVANs Story + bonus reports
Evony- Has Evony removed continents from battlefield rankings?
Evony- GK real estate s443 / 620m- k33 - 500$
Evony- Crackdown on the bots?
Evony 10b keep rallied part 3- The Revenge
Evony- a look at Evony’s “elite” player survey
Evony-account update / progression
Evony- purchase packs and battlefield rewards have been increased!
Evony- collect your new shrine rewards
Evony - sneaky update (new prestige levels and other things)
Evony- battle mechanics follow up (input from zoom-rj and other reports)
Evony- How to acquire more Materials
Evony- Should you purchase the Christmas Super sale package
Evony- Have battle mechanics changed???
Evony - arctic barbarian event review (better off rallying)
Evony - The Aftermath (10b to 3.6b), battle reports
Evony- 10b player (s68) and Rostock historical city under 🔥!
Evony - Massive Savings via AppGallery!!!
Evony - The King's Return- Battlefield All-Stars Final Season 6, Continent 1 (Eagle Team)
Evony- Step aside Scipio. Elise is here! General review.
Evony- a look inside k38
Evony - Cerberus have been NERFED!!!
Evony- why it’s important to maximize your alliance tile science
Evony - nap policy vs bubble or burn
Evony - is William Marshall now the best wall general?
Evony - Is the Nordic barbarian king the best sub general?
Evony- general review gwangaeto the great
Evony- more customer service replies to banned accounts
Evony- GK Real Estate s407
Evony- Cultivating Generals above 500.
Evony - new barbarian event
Evony - suspended accounts are now permanently banned!!!
Evony - suspensions continue!!
Evony - “illegal resources” have been confiscated by evony
Evony - is there a loophole for sub city event during svs??? (Starring Orbs)
Evony - new general review thutmose III
Evony - Black Friday discounts
Evony- 5x double down coupons coming to select servers
Evony-why you must get to k36 (military academy)
Evony - a look at the new dragon talents (now showing dragon talents
Evony- extra bonus discounts (another 10% off purchases!
Evony - How to get Discounts off all your Evony purchases
Evony- speed up event UPDATE and thanksgiving event
Evony- new k40 civilization buffs
Evony - new Cerberus monster and upcoming gear sneak peak
Evony - GK realty now open🤣 - 1.7b account for sale
Evony- monster kill day = best stamina purchase in all of evony
Evony- general review GNARR
Evony- k37 and bonus footage
Evony - NEW SECRETIVE super duty officers!!!
Evony - completing k36
Evony- a first look at k40 update
Evony- now you NEED to be an all-star!?
Evony- k40 resource requirements and new gathering tiles!
Evony - k40 release date November 4th, 2021!
Evony - live execution
Evony- don’t forget about the shopping spree
Evony - Plantagenet pants and boots preview
Evony- battle of chalons footage (medical tents have returned)
Evony- pumpkin event digitally remastered with sound🤭
Evony - general review Leo III (update, LEO can receive siege attack book)
Evony - general review Darius I
Evony - K40 is coming!!!
Evony- the top generals for monster attacking
Evony- Making Archer rallies
Evony - the svs relic trap
Evony- I now have the top general on my server! (6 million power!)
Evony- archer attack 1701!! Real or fake?
Evony - chalons round 1 analysis
Evony- battle of chalons tips and strategies
Evony- battle of chalons preview
War and Order - the zodiac system
Evony- all the ways to obtain GEMS💎 !!
War and order - lord skill achievements
Evony - first look at Plantagenet ring and bow
Evony - new general epaminondas
Evony- general review Himiko (needs to go)
War and order- goal setting / account update
Evony - all about the historic cities
Evony - what is the Arch of Triumph
Evony - how to gain stamina from the event wine cards / tickets
War and Order - the most important troops to build / early game
Evony - how to prepare for svs
Evony - The King's Return Question and Answer
War and Order - explore the ruins everyday!
War and Order - timed attacks instead of rallies
War and Order- how to purchase the correct packs
Evony - general review Gaius Octavius
War and Order - early game tutorial
Evony- new general review ashoka
Evony- update / more Plantagenet gear sneak peek
Evony - how to build an alt
Evony- sneak peak general combinations
War and Order - trying a new real time strategy game
Evony - how the holy palace works
Evony - introducing a free discord community
Evony - suleimen the (not so)magnificent general review
Evony- New technology update! Sept 13. ,2022
Evony- Relic UPDATE!
Evony - general Sherman review
Evony - the fragrance event review
Evony - sir phillips has motivated me to increase my sub city levels
Evony - account update sept 2nd 2021
Evony- beta server video debunking k40
Evony - more k40 evidence
Evony- Winfield Scott- General review
Evony - upcoming All Star changes!
Evony - how to read battle reports
Evony- the new Alexander the Great general review
Evony - sneak peak new battle reports
Evony- Does this mean k40 is coming?
Evony 4 day consuming event?? (Great news for those with rss)
Evony- wall general Shajar (be very careful)
Evony - Cyrus the (not so) great general review
Evony - Do Not neglect your sub city tech
Evony- how to build a gathering general (early game)
Evony - The King's Return and Battle of Chalons - 5th All-Star- PRIDE OF GOD - FINAL
Evony- new general Ramesses II analysis
Evony- Baldwin IV / Amir Ibn al As general review
Evony - The King's Return and Battle of Chalons - 5th All-Star- PRIDE OF GOD - Group A
Evony- the Plantagenet ring has been released!!!
Evony - Who is Sir Phillips??? (Evony’s Most Impressive Account?)
Evony - The King's Return and Battle of Chalons - 5th All-Star- PRIDE OF GOD - LION TEAM
Evony- sneak peak new skin (saint michael’s) updated with audio
Evony - theodoras general review
Evony - new general review Leonidas
Evony - general Dmitry analysis
Evony- all about march presets
Evony- www.Liena.be website Updates
Evony - monarch event update!
Evony - my morning routine (fixed audio)
Evony- how to view the world map
Evony - Yue Fei, general fragment analysis
Evony- bonus stamina edition / consuming event
Evony- how to acquire more stamina
Evony - how to unlock all the ares gear
Evony sneak peak / new skin / new castle coming soon
Evony- layered march with lower level troops
Evony - archer general gear set up
Evony - ares set piece buff NERFED on (defense)
Evony - trying to help a friend with his account
Evony- scoring high in the undead event
Evony- how to gear up a mounted general
Evony- creating a ground general
Evony - NEW gear sneak preview!
Evony- building the new chalons hive
Evony - Kings Return, Battle of Chalons, Peak of Glory, Round 5, July 7th, 2021
Evony - chalons top 100 rewards and Final rankings, 2021
Evony- Even more new svs rewards!
Evony - svs rewards are changing
Evony - how to use monarch gear
Evony - Kings Return, Battle of Chalons, Peak of Glory, Round 5, July 7th, 2021
Evony - How to refine your dragons
Evony - a list of all the specific duty officers in the game
Evony- defensive layering
Evony - how to deal with rogue players
Evony - intimidating your opponents with power
Evony - what gear should you put on your sub city generals
Evony - battle of chalons- strategies to get your alliance more rewards
Evony- why you should layer traps for defence
Evony- how to see your boc opponent early / chalons glitch
Evony - the best wall generals (not available in tavern)
Evony - how to store extra food for those large builds
Evony- how to use debuff generals against bosses
Evony- how to set up your siege general
Evony- archer pvp skill books hp 25% versus march size 12%
Evony- the top free wall generals available in the tavern
Evony- Plantagenet ring update
Evony- who are the top 3 ground generals?
Evony- the top seige generals
Evony- account update series
Evony- how to refine / extremely lucky refining session
Evony- how to zoom out and have a wider world view
Evony- how to find bosses
Evony- battle of chalons review
Evony - Plantagenet ring and event
Evony - battle of chalons preview / strategy guide
Evony - how to choose your monarch talents
Evony- how to check your prestige
Evony- how to counter the svs turtle slow march
Evony - monarch gear patrolling continued
Evony - DEBUFF Calculator Website
Evony - DEBUFF and RESOURCE Calculator Website
Evony - new general (Tomyrus) rally hall glitch
Evony- how to heal your troops faster
Evony- monarch gear and patrolling
Evony- Battle of Chalons preview
Evony - The King's Return - Battlefield All Stars- Pride of God
Evony - The King's Return - Battlefield All Stars- Peak of Glory, Group B
Evony - how to assign special duty officers
Evony - The King's Return - Battlefield All Stars, Peak of Glory Group D
Evony- new update / trick
Evony - a basic idea of how to cultivate and choose skill books
Evony- free gems and speedups! (Cheds monthly tip)
Evony- training new players for pvp
Evony - gathering teleport event FAIL / Blooper!
Evony -wall general refines
Evony- booting and looting
Evony- unlocking the king of generals
Evony - ultimate war chests
Evony- The aftermath (3b city rally in svs)
Evony- the most important decision you will have to make
Evony- is this the largest svs rally ever? 3m enemy one tapped.
Evony- why you should join rallies with archers (rally starter uses mounted troops)
Evony- receiving free teleports (gathering event)
Evony- upcoming jester event
Evony- the most exciting day in evony / first day of consuming event
Evony- the misunderstood troop speed skill books
Evony- the most boring day of the Month!
Evony - checking in on goals / account update
Evony - post svs chaos
Evony- upgrading experience on your generals
Evony- Correcting past refining mistakes when upgrading to ARES gear.
Evony- contacting players on other servers part 2
Evony- rally etiquette, how to set rallies and prioritize bosses
Evony- what’s inside those b12/13/14/15 chests?
Evony- turtle event chests
Evony- layering the 25,25,35 philosophy
Evony - server merger series / “war” action
Evony- ghosting for pvp
Evony- Huns invasion nightmare level and new intro!
Evony - Huns invasion hell level.
Evony - Huns invasion - claiming rewards and battlefield shop
Evony- Huns invasion normal level
Evony- huns invasion - new game update
Evony- after svs, make sure to visit the temples for your free chests (every 6 hours)
Evony - how to scout your enemies to check their seige attack range
Evony- increasing your in city production -user request from the hound
Evony- The most important PVP gear in the game, TAKE 2
Evony- the most important pvp gear in the game
Evony - how to complete the consuming event
Server merge day 5- alliance locations and upcoming svs
Evony- do not refine your dragons gear
Evony- how to contact players on other servers
Evony server merge day 3. Massive alliance merger
Evony new server merge day 2
Evony-First day of a server merge
Evony- how to prepare for a server merge. What happens.
Evony- unlocking the wonder 1,2
Evony - finishing top five in svs
Evony - svs chasing top 5
Evony- how to prepare for battlefield
Evony vikings part 2
Evony- how to run vikings efficiently
Evony - how do defense and hp work
Evony - cheds special duty officer trick
Evony- Forge 33 and Kings Wings
Evony- Throne on a non svs week
Evony- Unlocking archer 14 and adding 50m power.
Evony- What’s it like to be king
Evony- conquering your servers throne during svs
Evony- The only 5 archer generals that matter!
Evony- Spiritual beasts
Evony- Prestige increasing strategies
Evony- Goal setting. Short medium and long term goals.
Evony- how to switch accounts
Evony- Advanced Gathering- analysis
Evony- Rhunestones- turning gold into rhunestones
Evony- Channel intro
Evony- A little known way to collect rhunestones
Evony- Introduction to the channel