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Hi,hope you can help me to make investments right. What conditions kill Boss14 with 0 wounded? Which general do you have? Which skill books? Level of monarch gear? Attack Buff, Defense Buff, HP Buff? Which dragon do you use and level? March size? And what equimpents does your general have? And the Last – the Speciality?


Martinus Power 5.270.004
Equipment: Full Ares (Ares Spear Power 415,012; Courageous Ares Amor 426,780, Fearless Ares Boots 421,932; Fearle...


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Most popular Range gen
Elektra (R & M ATT +15%, 20% extra R ATT with dragon)
Most popular on wall
George Dewey (In-city M HP 15% & R, S ATT 20%)
Most popular siege gen
Ulysses S. Grant (S & M ATT +15%, 15% extra on both with dragon)
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